Tesla Club-SoCal & Ceramic Pro Collaboration

The Tesla Club-SoCal is more than just a social club or a car club. Being a member of the Tesla Club-SoCal is a lifestyle. Marty 12 is the founder and president of the club. This video is centered around Marty and her Tesla Model S and the journey it took starting as a stock red Model S and becoming a two tone branded vehicle.
What makes the project unique is that our founder Adam Cote decided to copy Marty's wrap and also wrap his Tesla Model X in the same theme but using Ceramic Pro branding. You will see that not only did the Tesla's receive full makeovers by adding style with the vinyl wrap but every surface was protected using Ceramic Pro Protection products.
Marty's car is fully wrapped in KAVACA Instant Heal Paint Protection Film (clear bra). Then all the film, paint, wheels, glass, plastics etc was protected using Ceramic Pro Coatings to promote ease of cleaning long term and to protect the surfaces from the damaging rays of the sun.
Both of these cars are now recognizable and stand out from the crowd and are protected using the best paint protection products on the market.

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