Is clear bra great?

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With the current upward trend in paint protection film adoption, many people ask Ceramic Wizards if we think the value of clear bra is worth the expenditure.

As paint protection professionals, we have a couple viewpoints about the topic. We hope that, this short article gives you more clarity relating to whether paint protection film is a great investment for you.

If you have recently bought a brand-new whip , or are thinking about doing so, you have most likely heard of paint protection film as a solution to protect its pristine paint. Before we address that question, let’s clarify some relevant issues so we’re all singing from the same hymnal.

Is Paint protection film different from nano ceramic paint protection?

You've certainly additionally read about ceramic paint protection. We'll blog about Ceramic coating independently, but we should get this distinction out of the way upfront.

Ceramic coating explained

Ceramic coating is a very distinct kind of protective layer with a different function from PPF. Each creates an added coat of security over your vehicle’s finish, but each does so using really different ways.

Clear bra explained

Clear bra is a clear, tough, elastomeric urethane film that protects your factory finish against road gravel, stone chips, dings, and scratches. In contrast, Ceramic coating goes on as a liquid and dries to a hard transparent layer that protects against corrosives and contaminants such as acid rain and road salt. Both products are hydrophobic and are superb for auto paint protection, however they safeguard against different attacks.

Anyway, on to the punchline of this particular post, which is whether paint protection film carries its weight!
Clear bra Grand Rapids - Ceramic Wizards

Does Paint protection film work?

In order to figure out if clear bra is a great value, let's first establish whether it actually protects your automobile's finish.

PPF does a point

Yes, it works, however it has its restrictions and can’t stop a rampaging bull, for example. However, in that situation, you have worse concerns than paint damage to your paint anyways.

Thermoplastic Polyurethane film has progressed considerably over the past several years.

Vastly improved PPF

Gone are the days of clear bra that turns a sickly yellow soon after installation on a car, truck, or van. Today's clear bra offerings are durable, almost unnoticeable, and self-healing.

Self-healing clear bra?

Yes, you heard that last part correctly: modern clear bra’s elastomeric polymers have self-healing properties that allow a PPF professional to eliminate swirls and scratches with a heat gun application!

Improved PPF warranties

Lots of clear bra producers are so sure of the quality of their PPF that they provide a 10 year warranty!

Clear bra still not bulletproof

That said, auto clear protective film is not invincible by any means.

A big enough impact will pierce the polyurethane covering and potentially harm the paint job, though the paint damage tends to be mitigated when compared to the same attack to an non-PPF car.

We’re not trying to talk you out of PPF here.

We’re big promoters of it! We just need to paint a realistic picture.

Thwarting rock chips

The good news is that a good PPF will protect against 95% of the sorts of impact and scuff events that occur.

PPF will protect your mirror front-facing surface areas, rocker panel surfaces, grille and hood paint, front fender surface areas, and other front end parts against most highway gravel and debris, scratch occasions, and other common attacks to your car paint.

The rock chip protection element alone justifies the expenditure of the paint protection option in 80%-90% of cases if you drive a lot of highway miles. Which reminds us of the punchline of this article!

Is clear bra great?

The response is that it depends. Different vehicle owners have different requirements and priorities for their vehicle.

The Ceramic Wizards crew has applied clear bra to numerous automobiles right here in Grand Rapids and in other cities throughout the USA. We are familiar with all significant PPF brands and products, from Xpel Ultimate to Ceramic Pro to Kavaca to 3M Scotchgard.

The Ceramic Wizards crew has performed clear bra installation and removal to practically every type of automobile, from supercars to pickup trucks to business fleets.

So, we know a bit regarding paint protection film pros and cons. Our response to the common question of whether Paint protection film makes good sense is that it depends.

Your PPF questionaire

The truth is, we’d need a deeper look into the nuances of your individual situation to give a solid answer. Let’s dive right in and have a look at some of the specific reasons for or against investing in paint protection film on YOUR car.

Which of the following 2 declarations best describes your attitude toward your car?

Vehicle owner 1

"It’s important that my auto's paint job be as close to original condition as possible for as long as I own it."

Vehicle owner 2

"Some pocking, a scrape or 2, a few scuffs, or an occasional scratch, ding, or rock chip is to be expected when you have a car and so I'm alright with that."

What type of vehicle owner are you?

PPF probably makes sense as an investment if you are vehicle owner 1. PPF is almost invisible, has self-healing properties for buffing out light scratches and scuff marks, has hydrophobic properties (repels water spots, acid rain, bug splatter, and other water-carried impurities), and can be customized to cover just your front end or your entire automobile.

In short, Paint protection film is amazing!

If you are vehicle owner 2 and find yourself not being bothered by a few nicks, Paint protection film might not be worth the cost to you—unless you do it for other factors, such as to command a greater future resale value (see next paragraph).

Other clear bra considerations

Other aspects to consider for a Paint protection film expenditure.

Higher future automotive resale value

PPF potentially enables you to pull in a higher resale value on your vehicle. Autos in the Kelley Blue Book "Exceptional Condition" classification go for 10% -15% more than their counterparts in the "Great Condition" group, which permits light paint damage. On higher-end automobiles, that 10% -15% spread could really add up.

Your car's current value

The greater the value of your vehicle, the more Clear bra makes sense as an preservation of value.

Returning to the 10% -15% markup example: 10% of an $80,000 (Jaguar, Lexus) in value preservation argues for spending a few hundred bucks on a clear bra, much more so than when we’re discussing an $20K car (Honda, Hyundai, Kia).

A 10% increase for a $250,000 supercar is even more logical. The extra costly your vehicle, the extra likely you ought to be to protect its paint.

That said, there legitimate factors for protecting your automobile's paint at any pricepoint, such as the pride you feel in having excellent paint.

A Toyota or Subaru driver can be just as happy with their car's paint as a Ferrari or Porsche or Lamborghini owner: it's all relative. | The higher the worth of your car, the more Paint protection film makes sense as an sound financial decision.

The more costly your vehicle, the more motivated you should be to preserve shield its finish. That said, there are valid reasons for shielding your auto's paint at any market pricepoint, such as the pride you take in having excellent paintwork. 
Clear bra Grand Rapids - Ceramic Wizards

Locating an excellent clear bra installer

A quality Paint protection film shop will be willing to discuss their installation process with you, such as exactly how they manage corner details, clear bra edges, and various other facets of Paint protection film installation.

The best clear bra business will certainly also have great reviews and be eager to provide references.

In your first discussion, you can ask local PPF shops for a phone estimate, as well as gather the following info:

Questions to ask your local clear bra company

What PPF brand/ product does the store usage? Avery Dennison Supreme, Kavaca by Ceramic Pro, Xpel Stealth or Ultimate, 3M Scotchgard, Suntek, Llumar, and also so forth.

If you obtain light scrapes or scuff marks or swirl marks in your PPF, do they offer you a affordable price for having them rubbed out ( bear in mind, today's clear bra products are made from thermoplastic urethane with self-healing homes).

Do they do paint correction on your factory paint before using the clear bra? Why or why not?

What is their guarantee on the setup?

What is the producer's guarantee on the PPF itself?

PPF value summary

While we don't know the specifics of your vehicle or your economic situation, you’ll probably benefit from having a high quality clear bra. Most vehicle owners do.
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