Clear Bra with Ceramic Pro Kavaca and Ceramic Pro coating on Tesla Model Y by Ceramic Pro San Diego

This brand new Tesla Model Y was brought into our shop at Ceramic Pro San Diego ( for the best in paint protection! This Model Y is fresh off the lot and Ceramic Pro San Diego was its first stop. We did a full front end clear bra paint protection film custom install and Ceramic Pro Kavaca to protect against rock chips. The entire vehicle is protected with the Ceramic Pro Gold Package. This means that the paint, plastics, glass, and wheels are coated with 4 layers of Ceramic Pro 9H and 1 layer of Top Coat. Maintenance will be an absolute breeze!

Here at Ceramic Pro San Diego, we are experts on all things paint correction and protection. We are a luxury auto detailer and we work on some of the best vehicles in San Diego. At Ceramic Pro San Diego, we perform four major services: auto detailing, car ceramic coating, clear bra paint protection film, and window tinting. Our Ceramic Pro nano ceramic coating protects your exterior surfaces from the outside elements, our clear bra protects from scratches, our tint keeps you comfortable and protects your interior from UV rays, and our auto detailing keeps your car looking like new. Ceramic Pro San Diego is one of the leading auto detail pioneers in the country and we are on the frontline of the newest technologies in the industry. Get a free quote here:

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