Ceramic coating is a terrific investment in the long-term value of your vehicle. Ceramic Wizards Paint Protection is the best  ceramic coating shop in the business. We'll ceramic coat your car, truck, van, SUV, or other vehicle to the most exacting specifications. With our nano ceramic protective layer, your ride can truly shine!

Why Ceramic coating?

Ceramic is pretty much the best thing invented in the history of automotive paint protection. It has all the benefits of car wax, plus a lot more, with none of the drawbacks. Plus, it looks amazing! With the high gloss additional protective layer of ceramic, a coated vehicle looks absolutely stunning!

Hydrophobic surface

Like wax, ceramic repels water (and water-based contaminants like bird droppings and acid rain) like nobody's business. Unlike wax, it lasts a really long time.

Depth of gloss

If you like that high-gloss shine of new factory paint, you'll love the glossy finish build-up of ceramic. It takes high-end glossy finish to a whole new level!

Maximum protection

Ceramic is one of the hardest known substances, right up there with diamond. Who wouldn't want an ultrahard, durable shield over their paint?

Your car deserves the ultimate protection!

Ceramic Wizards Paint Protection

Why Ceramic Wizards Paint Protection?

We're the best in the business, that's why. We know paint protection film and ceramic coating inside and out, and our technicians are highly skilled with manufacturer training from the best paint protection products in the industry. Additionally, we prioritize customer service, punctuality, and return on investment for our customers.

Customer service

Our business is based on word-of-mouth and return customers, and we have proven ourselves in the customer service arena. Many automotive shops don't understand the meaning of service. Come experience the Ceramic Wizards Paint Protection difference!

On-time completion

When you commission us to do a car wrap, ceramic coat, or clear bra on your vehicle, you're making a sacrifice to be without your vehicle. Our job is to deliver a great product while getting you back behind the wheel as quickly as possible!

Value for your money

A good ceramic coat is never cheap, no matter who you go to for it. We believe it can be a terrific value, however, in terms of preserving your car's resale value. We aim to give you the very highest return on investment by having reasonable prices and the highest quality.

Ceramic Q&A

Here are some questions we see a lot, and our best responses to them.

How much does it cost to get your car ceramic coated

To get an exact estimate, please contact Ceramic Wizards Paint Protection and we can give you a quote. We will say that Ceramic coating is far from cheap, but it is well worth it for a fine car. The protective layer of nano ceramic will extend the life of your car's paint job tremendously.

How long does a ceramic coating on a car last

Depending on the ceramic coating package and your upkeep, a nano ceramic coating can potentially last the life of your vehicle! It offers unmatched protection and is far more durable than ordinary vehicle wax. It offers diamond level hardness in a thin, clear, protective layer that has hydrophobic properties. Pretty cool? We think so.

Why is ceramic coating so expensive

When asking why Ceramic Pro or other ceramic coatings are so expensive, you need to understand that a nano ceramic coating is a highly-engineered paint protection product applied by a trained professional in a controlled environment. 

Most professional ceramic coating products are not even sold to the general public, as the manufacturers want to ensure that their product is applied correctly. In order to become an officially-recognized applicator of Ceramic Pro, Geyeon, or other high-grade ceramic coating products, a tech must receive appropriate training on use of these professional grade products. 

Finally, the product itself is quite expensive. So, when you pay good money for a ceramic coat, you're paying for a) the ceramic coating kit, b) paint correction on your vehicle to remediate microscopic imperfections prior to the ceramic application, c) the labor of the applicator, d) the training and expertise the applicator possesses to get your ceramic car coating perfect, e) the shop overhead.

Is it worth getting a car ceramic coated

When asking if it's worth it getting a car ceramic coated, the answer is that it really depends on the car. Ceramic coating isn't cheap, so if your car is worth a few hundred dollars, then no, it's not worth it. On the other hand, for a high-dollar car, ceramic is absolutely worth it. 

Given that the condition of a car's finish is a huge aspect of its resale value, ceramic coating for cars can pay for itself many times over when applied to expensive vehicles and subsequently maintained. Having this durable, diamond-hard layer of protection shields the paint layer from corrosion, UV rays, bird droppings, and other undesirable substances. 

So yes, for a nice vehicle, a professional grade ceramic spray coating is most certainly worth it.

Can you mess up ceramic coating

Yes, you can easily mess up ceramic coating, which is why most of the professional grade products are reserved for experts who have completed the manufacturer training for a given product. When it comes to ceramic coating for cars, it's probably not worth attempting it yourself, especially if your car is a nice one.

Can I apply ceramic coating myself

Attempt DIY coating with ceramic at your own risk. There are so many ways to get a ceramic clear coat wrong, which is why professional applicators are certified via manufacturer trainings.

What happens when ceramic coating wears off

When a ceramic coating wears off, it will happen very gradually over a long time, until eventually you'll be back down to your car's factory paint clear coat finish. That said, some of the best ceramic coatings are designed to last the life of your vehicle with proper care and upkeep.

How do you maintain ceramic coating

Each manufacturer will have specific guidelines for maintaining their ceramic car coating. Talk to your ceramic installer after the application process is complete and get detailed upkeep instructions based on the specific product applied to your factory paint.

Does ceramic coating prevent rust

Ceramic coating is not guaranteed to prevent rust, per se, but it does create an additional layer of protection that's even better than your factory paint sealant. Its hydrophobic properties will bead water off better than anything else, so it certainly reduces the likelihood of rust ever occuring.

Is ceramic coating better than wax

Ceramic coating is far better than wax. Like wax, it is a hydrophobic coating. Unlike wax, it contains ceramic nanoparticles that provide an ultrahard additional layer of defense that lasts for a very long time and offers unmatched protection against water spots, harmful UV rays, acidic contaminants, most hazards. The protective barrier of ceramic is so far beyond that of wax that they're not even comparable. Ceramic really is the ultimate protection.
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